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Bleeding from the rectum is attributed to hemorrhoids in young patients even by doctors. The golden rule is to check and make sure that it is nothing but hemorrhoids.

Here is a case of a 38-year old with bleeding from the rectum which looked like hemorrhoidal bleeding. She was found to have a 6-cm giant polyp.

polyp removal





Ordinarily, most endoscopist opt for an operation for removal of such polyp. But with skill, methodical approach and patience, Dr. Shah removed it without an operation.



The polyp was blocking the lumen. First, the stalk which connects the tumor part of the polyp to the colon wall was identified. It was very thick and contained large blood vessels. So metal clips were applied to co,press and block them.


The polyp was so big that it had two such stalks and both were given two clips each to make sure that when cut, they do not bleed.


The shiny metal objects are the clips.

The head of the polyp is seen turning blue already before the cutting begins.



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